Founding Circle
Family of Dreammakers 

Visionaries - Campaign gifts of $3,000,000 and more

  • Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation
  • Anonymous
  • Pamela and David V. Johnson

Innovators - Campaign gifts of $1,000,000 and more

  • Anonymous
  • Bill and Marilyn Crawford
  • The Jonathan and Mary Kay Borisch Family Foundation
  • State of Michigan

Sustainers - Campaign gifts of $500,000 and more

  • Tim and Cindy Brammer
  • Carole and Bill Cobb
  • Craig and Irene Rogerson
  • Bill and Gigi Clements Foundation
  • Barbara and Bill Parfet
  • David and Robin Small

Leaders - Campaign gifts of $250,000 and more

  • CDV5 Foundation
  • Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation
  • Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation
  • Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation
  • Kathleen Glass Family
  • Lin and Herb Henkel
  • The Meijer Foundation

Benefactors - Campaign gifts of $100,000 and more

  • Bob and Jennifer Banks
  • Robert Jensen Dau Foundation
  • Rick and Sheila Fruehauf
  • Curt and Betsy Harrison
  • Stephen and Molly Kircher Family Giving Fund
  • C. Michael Kojaian and Elizabeth Kojaian
  • Irving and Susan Levy
  • The Mansfield Family Foundation
  • Dr. Gilbert and Sandy Mosher
  • Larry and Kathy Oswald
  • Robert and Annette Pocica
  • Tom and Ann Stallkamp
  • Todd and Tracy Wenzel
  • Harold and Bonnie Zeigler

Patrons - Campaign gifts of $50,000 and more

  • Denise and James F. Anderton, IV
  • Dan and Kathy Babcock
  • Tom and Maureen Bickersteth
  • Gay Cummings
  • Peter and Julie Cummings
  • Burton and Suzy Farbman
  • Paul and Amy Heuerman
  • Paul and Nancy Knapp
  • Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
  • Petoskey Plastics
  • Petoskey Rotary Club Charities Inc.
  • Bob and Michele Walker
  • Todd and Pam Wyett

Supporters - Campaign gifts of $25,000 and more

  • Phyllis Y. and Gregory L. Adam
  • Tom and Sherry Barrat
  • Larry and Deana Blackburn
  • Charlotte and Al Butler
  • Diane and James Carr Jr.
  • Pat and Gill Clements Foundation
  • Dave and Tina Frescoln
  • Hilton and Lisa Garner
  • Dave and Cheryl Hamilton
  • Mike and Orlene Hawks
  • Rolla and Kirsten Huff
  • Bob and Marissa Kagle
  • Teri List-Stoll and Steve Stoll
  • Ralph and Patti Miesel
  • Deb and Joe Nachtrab
  • Joseph A. Paradis III
  • Jonathan and Sonja Hoel Perkins
  • Richard and Nancy Rae
  • The Joseph J. Schott Foundation
  • Keith and Kristi Stinson
  • JD Talbott and Jill O’Neill
  • Byron and Maureen Trerice
  • Jane Warner and John Hegener
  • Kurt and Phoebe Wietzke

Friends Of The Great Lakes
Center For The Arts

Gifts $10,000 And Under

  • Robert and Susan Clarke
  • Ben and Barb Maibach

Gifts $5,000 And Under

  • Anonymous
  • David and Teresa Crouse
  • Andre and Trisha Duffie
  • Peg and John Emley
  • Gardner Colby Gallery
  • Dave and Cheryl Hamilton
  • Judd and Katherine Malkin
  • Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation
  • Julian and Sissy Van Winkle III

Gifts $1,000 And Under

  • Robert and Marilyn Akers
  • Anonymous
  • Sandra M. and Ronald C. Baldwin
  • Joseph Brubaker
  • Heather and Jeff Buhr
  • Max and Ann Burr
  • Maggie and Robert Charlton
  • Jim and Rebecca Coughlin
  • Steve and Amy Cross
  • Brian and Beth Anne Eckerle
  • Chip and Jean Frentz
  • George and Maiga Friess
  • Roberta and Peter Gluck
  • Joyce and Bruce Herbert
  • D’Anne Kleinsmith
  • Emily Meyerson and Harry Kitchen
  • Leader OnBoarding
  • Carin Nielsen, MD
  • Dr. Robert and Alice Pattengale
  • Peter and Debra Roesner
  • Bennett and Mary Shuldman
  • Louise Taylor
  • Robert Thelen
  • Ron VandenBrink and Jan Biddick
  • Dee and Dan Wickham

Seat Campaign

  • Anonymous
  • A&J Foundation
  • David and Kay Allan
  • Denise and James F. Anderton, IV
  • William and Pat Anton
  • Ryan and Emily Bennett
  • Kurt and Linda Beuthin
  • John and Marlene Boll
  • Tom and Polly Bredt
  • Michael and Debra Calabrese
  • Drs. Louis and Sally Cannon
  • Marcy and Brian Chermside
  • David and Teresa Crouse
  • Karen and Peter Cullman
  • Gay Cummings
  • Don and Janet DeFosset
  • Steve and Renee Discher
  • Mike and Rhea Dow
  • Johnna Driscoll
  • Christine Sander Dunbar
  • Peg and John Emley
  • Chris Etienne and Dennis Lindeman
  • Fabiano Brothers, Inc.
  • David and Carolyn Gabriel
  • Kathleen Glass Family
  • Richard and Barbara Glowacki
  • Dave and Cheryl Hamilton
  • James and Mary Ann Harrington
  • The Maris H. Harrington Family
  • Bill and Linda Henry
  • John Holder and Julie Fasone-Holder
  • David House and Devyani Kamdar
  • Wayne and Amelia Inman
  • Michael Kaiser and John Roberts
  • Nancy Kohler
  • Doug and Melissa LaBelle
  • John and Mary Leese
  • Barb and Paul Malloure
  • Tim and Kathie Manney
  • Ann and Bill McCormick
  • Ralph and Patti Miesel
  • Karen Crouse Miller
  • Glenn and Valerie Mueller
  • Bob and Kathleen Muneio
  • Barry Nauroth and Janice Newsted
  • Jill O’Neill and J.D. Talbott
  • Larry and Kathy Oswald
  • Dr. Robert and Alice Pattengale
  • Steve and Kelly Prue
  • Kenneth Rudman
  • Anita and Hank Schneider Family
  • Margery Schnell and Janet Koch
  • Merv and Leslie Sternberg
  • The Greg Thompson Family
  • In Memory of Marana Webber Tost
  • Janet and Phil Trotter
  • Timothy and Kristin Weaver
  • Todd and Pam Wyett

In-Kind Corporate And Individual Supporters

  • Mitchell Graphics
  • Monarch Garden & Floral Design
  • Jill Rowley
  • Traverse Reproduction & Supply Co

Matching Gifts

  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Regions Bank

Cornerstone Society

Endowing the dream for future generations

  • Charles R. Eisendrath
  • Paul and Nancy Knapp
  • The Mansfield Family Foundation

Legacy Society

Creating an impact through planned giving

General Support

  • David and Kay Allan
  • Gay Cummings
  • David V. and Pamela Johnson

Dorothy Gerber Strings Program

  • Gay Cummings