Founders Circle Members

Family of Dreammakers  

Visionaries - Campaign gifts of $3,000,000 and more 

Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation 

Todd and Linda Herrick 

Pamela and David V. Johnson 

Innovators - Campaign gifts of $1,000,000 and more 


The Jonathan and Mary Kay Borisch Family Foundation 

Bill and Marilyn Crawford 

State of Michigan 

Ambassador Ron Weiser Family 


Sustainers - Campaign gifts of $500,000 and more 

Tim and Cindy Brammer 

Bill and Gigi Clements Foundation 

Carole and Bill Cobb 

Lin and Herb Henkel 

Barbara and Bill Parfet 

Craig and Irene Rogerson 

David and Robin Small 


Leaders - Campaign gifts of $250,000 and more 

CDV5 Foundation 

Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation 

Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation 

Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation 

Kathleen Glass Family 

Jane and Mike Hourani 

The Meijer Foundation 

Thomas and Joan Sabatino 


Benefactors - Campaign gifts of $100,000 and more 

Richard and Lynn Andresen in honor of Holly Schmitt 

Bob and Jennifer Banks 

Gay Cummings 

Robert Jensen Dau Foundation 

Dixon and Carol Doll 

Rick and Sheila Fruehauf 

Curt and Betsy Harrison 

Drs. Jay and Lora Higdon 

Richard and Tracy Hirrel 

Stephen and Molly Kircher Family Giving Fund 

Paul and Nancy Knapp 

C. Michael Kojaian and Elizabeth Kojaian 

Irving and Susan Levy 

The Mansfield Family Foundation 

Dr. Gilbert and Sandy Mosher 

Larry and Kathy Oswald 

Robert and Annette Pocica 

Tom and Ann Stallkamp 

Todd and Tracy Wenzel 

Harold and Bonnie Zeigler 


Patrons - Campaign gifts of $50,000 and more 

Denise and James F. Anderton IV 

Dan and Kathy Babcock 

Tom and Maureen Bickersteth 

Peter and Julie Cummings 

David and Constance Donovan 

Burton and Suzy Farbman 

Hilton and Lisa Garner 

Paul and Amy Heuerman 

Ann and Bill McCormick 

Michigan Arts and Culture Council 

Petoskey Plastics 

Petoskey Rotary Club Charities Inc. 

Bob and Michele Walker 

Todd and Pam Wyett 


Supporters - Campaign gifts of $25,000 and more 

Phyllis Y. and Gregory L. Adams 

William and Patricia Anton - Anton Family Foundation 

Tom and Sherry Barrat 

Larry and Deana Blackburn 

Charlotte and Al Butler 

Diane and James Carr Jr. 

Pat and Gill Clements Foundation 

David and Teresa Crouse Family 

Richard E. & Sandra J. Dauch Family Foundation 

Matt and Kathleen Davis 

Dave and Tina Frescoln 

Bob and Sharon Grooters 

Dave and Cheryl Hamilton 

Mike and Orlene Hawks 

Rolla and Kirsten Huff 

Bob and Marissa Kagle 

The Kroeger-Mainland Family Fund: Mackenzie, Corbin, Kurtis, Megan & Ken Mainland 

The Lambeth Family 

Teri L. List 

Tim and Kathie Manney 

Jim, Susan, Marvin, and Max Marriott 

Ralph and Patti Miesel 

Karen Crouse Miller 

Lawrence and Alyene Cynthia Morawa 

Deb and Joe Nachtrab 

Linda and Chris Nelson 

Jill O’Neill and JD Talbott 

Joseph A. Paradis III 

Jonathan and Sonja Hoel Perkins 

Richard and Nancy Rae 

Dennis and Kathy Schneider 

The Joseph J. Schott Foundation 

Keith and Kristi Stinson 

Byron and Maureen Trerice 

Jane Warner and John Hegener 

The Craig and Emilie Wierda Family 

Kurt and Phoebe Wietzke 


Giving up to $25,000 

Robert and Susan Clarke 

Emmet County 

Darcy and David Fischer Jr. 

Ben and Barb Maibach 


Giving up to $10,000 

Peg and John Emley 

Judd and Katherine Malkin 

Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation 


Giving up to $5,000 


Sandra M. and Ronald C. Baldwin 

Mary Ellen Brophy and Gordon Brunner 

Joseph Brubaker 

Andre and Trisha Duffie 

Gardner Colby Gallery 

Dr. Robert and Alice Pattengale 

Louise Taylor 


Giving up to $1,000 

Robert and Marilyn Akers 


Heather and Jeff Buhr 

Max and Ann Burr 

Maggie and Robert Charlton 

Jim and Becky Coughlin 

Chip and Jean Frentz 

Roberta and Peter Gluck 

Joyce and Bruce Herbert 

D’Anne Kleinsmith and Harold Sperlich 

Emily Meyerson and Harry Kitchen 

Leader OnBoarding 

Carin Nielsen, MD 

Kassia Perpich 

Beth Anne Piehl 

Peter and Debra Roesner 

Bennett and Mary Shuldman 

Robert Thelen 

Sissy and Julian Van Winkle III 

Ron VandenBrink and Jan Biddick 

Dee and Dan Wickham 


In-Kind Corporate And Individual Supporters 

Mitchell Graphics 

Monarch Garden & Floral Design 

Jill Rowley 

Traverse Reproduction & Supply Co 


Matching Gifts 

Ameriprise Financial 

Regions Bank 

Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation