Cornerstone Society Members

Endowing the Dream for Future Generations...


The Ayrshire Foundation 

Bill and Gigi Clements 

David and Teresa Crouse 

Don and Janet DeFossett 

Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation 

Charles R. Eisendrath 

Richard and Tracy Hirrel 

Paul and Nancy Knapp 

The Mansfield Family Foundation 

Gib and Sandy Mosher 

Offield Family Foundation 

Kathleen Oswald 

Craig and Irene Rogerson 

Jane Warner and John Hegener 

Seat Campaign

A&J Foundation 

David and Kay Allan 

Denise and James F. Anderton IV 

William and Pat Anton 

Ryan and Emily Bennett 

Kurt and Linda Beuthin 

John and Marlene Boll 

Tom and Polly Bredt 

Michael and Debra Calabrese 

Drs. Louis and Sally Cannon 

Marcy and Brian Chermside 

David and Teresa Crouse 

Karen and Peter Cullman 

Gay Cummings 

Don and Janet DeFosset 

Steve and Renee Discher 

Mike and Rhea Dow 

Johnna Driscoll 

Christine Sander Dunbar 

Peg and John Emley 

Chris Etienne and Dennis Lindeman 

Fabiano Brothers, Inc. 

David and Carolyn Gabriel 

Kathleen Glass Family 

Richard and Barbara Glowacki 

Dave and Cheryl Hamilton 

James and Mary Ann Harrington 

The Maris H. Harrington Family 

Bill and Linda Henry 

Todd and Linda Herrick 

John Holder and Julie Fasone Holder 

Matthew Kacergis and Katy Tabb 

David House and Devyani Kamdar 

Wayne and Amelia Inman 

Michael Kaiser and John Roberts 

Nancy Kohler 

Doug and Melissa LaBelle 

John and Mary Leese 

Barb and Paul Malloure 

Tim and Kathie Manney 

Ann and Bill McCormick 

Ralph and Patti Miesel 

Karen Crouse Miller 

Glenn and Valerie Mueller 

Bob and Kathleen Muneio 

Janice Newsted and Barry Nauroth 

Jill O’Neill and JD Talbott 

Larry and Kathy Oswald 

Dr. Robert and Alice Pattengale 

Steve and Kelly Prue 

Kenneth Rudman 

Jim and Stacy Salanty 

Anita and Hank Schneider Family 

Margery Schnell and Janet Schnell Koch 

Christian M. Smith 

Merv and Leslie Sternberg 

The Greg Thompson Family  

Marana Webber Tost Charitable Fund 

Janet and Phil Trotter 

Timothy and Kristin Weaver 

Todd and Pam Wyett