Sustain the Arts for All

Founders’ Circle 
Annual gifts of $100,000 and more 

Anonymous (2) 

The Ayrshire Foundation 

Bill and Gigi Clements Foundation 

Gay Cummings 

Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation 

Richard and Tracy Hirrel 

Producers’ Circle 
Annual gifts of $50,000–$99,999 

Bill and Marilyn Crawford 

Fernanda Dau Fisher and Brian Fisher 

John Hegener and Jane Warner 

Lin and Herb Henkel 

Jane and Mike Hourani 

The Oswald and Hulsey Family 

Bill and Barbara Parfet 

The Rogerson Family Foundation 

Joseph and Jamie Ann Thomas on behalf of the Tamer Foundation 

Todd and Tracy Wenzel 

Green Room Club 
Annual gifts of $25,000–$49,999 

Chris and Cheryl Bachelder 

Fisher-Cummings Family Fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan 

Fox Motors 

Kevin and Kathy Hess 

Paul and Amy Heuerman on behalf of the Moglia Family Foundation 

Hotel Walloon 

Pamela and David V. Johnson 

Patricia Kaine 

Kroeger-Mainland Family Fund of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation  

Mansfield Family Foundation 

Martin Family Foundation 

Michigan Arts and Culture Council 

Monarch Garden and Floral Design 

Gib and Sandy Mosher 

Offield Family Foundation 

The Riehl Family 

Thomas and Joan Sabatino 

Dean and Karin Teglia 

Ambassador Ron Weiser Family 

Harold and Bonnie Zeigler 

Robert Zoba and Christie Curie Zoba on behalf of the Jasam Foundation Fund A 

Directors’ Society 
Annual gifts of $10,000–$24,999 

Jeffrey and Kathleen Abrash 

Phyllis Y. and Gregory L. Adams 

Tom and Sherry Barrat 

Tim and Cindy Brammer 

Drs. Louis and Sally Cannon 

Carole and Bill Cobb 

David and Teresa Crouse 

Matt and Kathleen Davis 

Don and Janet DeFosset 

Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation 

Donovan Charitable Fund of Harbor Springs of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation 

Down East Yachting 

Christopher and Margaret Duhon 

Fifth Third Bank on behalf of Charities Aid Foundation America 

David and Darcy Fischer 

Sheila and Rick Fruehauf 

Kathleen Glass Family 

Jack and Tay Howell 

Bill and Sheryl Jarvis 

Paul Knapp 

The Lambeth Family 

John and Mary Leese, Harvey Lexus of Grand Rapids 

Irving and Susan Levy 

Ann and Bill McCormick 

Carla and Michael Miller 

W. David and Diana Moore 

National Endowment for the Arts 

Linda and Chris Nelson 

Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation 

Robert and Annette Pocica 

Paul and Dianne Saber 

Dennis and Kathy Schneider 

Bill and Karen Schuiling 

Jay and Carol Slavsky 

David and Robin Small 

Tim and Nancy Sparks 

Tom and Ann Stallkamp 

Keith and Kristi Stinson 

Patricia Swope 

Steven and Lisa Trulaske 

Howard and Laura Willard 

William and Julie Wentworth 

Annual gifts of $5,000–$9,999 

AdvisaCare Home Health and Hospice 


William and Patricia Anton 

John and Ginny Baysore on behalf of the American Endowment Foundation 

Diane and James Carr Jr. 

Charlevoix County Community Foundation 

Chris and Tami Christensen 

Crooked Tree Arts Center 

Daniella Ortiz Design Corp. 

DTE Energy Foundation 

Governmental Consultant Services, Inc. - GCSI 

John and Debra Griswold 

Bob and Sharie Grooters 

Robert and Pat Hemingway Hall

The Rev. Deacon Kathy Hand 

Curt Harrison 

William L. and Elisabeth F. Hicklen 

Drs. Jay and Lora Higdon 

Holder Family Foundation Fund of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation 

Trip and Chris Howell 

Istock Family Foundation 

Bob and Wally Klein 

Kevan and Wynne Lawlor 

Owen and Heather Lee 

Steve and Wendy Lehecka 

Frederick and Barbara Malpass Family Fund of the Charlevoix County Community Foundation 

Ralph and Patti Miesel 

Steve and Jill Miller 

Art and Jennifer Nash 

Charles Nemes 

Keith and Gretchen Pretty 

Richard and Nancy Rae 

John and Terry Rakolta 

Stephen and Mary Jo Scofes 

Jerry and Jose Sheppard Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable 

Marana Webber Tost Charitable Fund of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation 

Walker Family Charitable Account at Schwab Charitable 

Kurt and Phoebe Wietzke 

Annual gifts of $2,500–$4,999 

David and Kay Allan 

Anonymous (2) 

Paul and Kathleen Barletta 

Laura and Ronald Bostick 

Brian and Jeannelle Brady 

Gordon Brunner and Mary Ellen Brophy 

Doug and Kristine Busch 

Karen and Peter Cullman 

Sam and Janene Cummings 

Robyn Overbey Daley 

Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation 

Steve and Renee Discher 

John and Martha Eggemeyer 

Dale and Laura Elliott 

Gayle and Chip Everest on behalf of National Philanthropic Trust 

Dave and Carrie Gabriel 

Warren and Amy Gase 

Jon and Marian Glass 

Bryan Greenberg 

Mark and Sally Hall 

Phil and Marni Harris 

Art and Betsy Hasse 

Linda and Bill Henry 

Cathy Kalahar and David Evrard Charitable Fund of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation 

Matt and Kim Kanny 

Nancy C. Kohler 

Kim Kolb and Tom Jaenicke 

Maryann Kolb 

Kenneth and Joan MacGillivray 

Michael and Christina Manchester 

Tim and Kathie Manney 

Dr. Mark S. and Darlene M. Medel  

Muffe and Taylor Metcalfe 

Michigan Humanities Council 

Karen C. Miller 

Scott and Heather Milligan 

Mr. Joseph A. Paradis III 

Jonathan and Sonja Hoel Perkins 

Petoskey Area Visitors Bureau 

Jeffrey and Nancy Porter 

Patricia Henry Poyle and Ralph Ferber 

Jeffrey and Amanda Richard 

Dr. Kenneth Rudman and Dr. Leora Bar-Levav 

John Rutherford 

John and Sunny Sapiente 

Ham and Barb Schirmer 

William D. and Susan M. Seklar 

Richard and Kristin Selvala 

Robert and Kimberly Sherman 

Stafford and Janice Smith 

Arlene and Joe Strawn 

Clare Sullivan and Perry Nelson 

Barbara C. and Robert P. Sypult 

Thomas and Trina Szott 

Tymon and Sheri Totte 

George and Mary Ann Uznis 

Kim Van Elslander and John Francis

John and Catherine Van Hulle 

Bob and Kathie von Gruben 

Wisne Charitable Foundation 

Annual gifts of $500–$2,499 

Jerry and Jean Aben 

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 


Joanne Arbaugh 

Arts Manager, LLC 

Ronald and Sandra Baldwin 

Tom and Martha Bernardin 

Bev and George Biltz 

Edward J. Blake and Karin-Leigh Spicer Fund of the Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc. 

Dave and Lori Boor 

Erik and Ann Borgen on behalf of the Borgen Family Charitable Fund of the American Endowment Foundation 

Rob and Alyssa Briggs Fund of the Akron Community Foundation 

Brightstar Care of Northern Michigan 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Broquet 

Maureen and Brian Burkey 

Scott Cecil 

Leonard and Eleanor Charchut 

Maggie and Bob Charlton Family Fund of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation 

Pam Cislo and Tom Schraw 

Robert and Annie Cohen 

Mr. and Mrs. John J.  Daly, III 

Jim and Mary Daniels 

Toby and Joanie Darden 

Drost Landscape 

Richard and Susan Dudzik 

Andre and Trisha Duffie 

Michael and Patricia Elkind 

Michael and Grace Elta 

Suzanne Engle 

Gary and Denise Fate 

Frederick and Judith Feldkamp 

David and Heidi Finley 

Joanne Park-Foley and James Foley 

Chip and Jean Frentz 

David and Mary Garcia 

Stuart and Mary Kaye Goldblatt 

David and Cheryl Hamilton 

Joseph and Jill Hardy 

Jim and Mary Ann Harrington 

William and Joan Hartwig 

John and Sarah Hastings 

Carrie and John Hayden 

Bruce and Joyce Herbert 

Pam Himmelrich 

Larry and Carol Holland

Sara and Michael Holton 

Susan and Edgar Howbert 

James and Denise Hunter 

Rick E. Iceberg 

John O. and Mary Jo Jay 

Lori Jodar 

James and Karen Johnson 

Katy Tabb and Matthew Kacergis 

Parker Keane and Jennifer Lynch

W. K. Kellogg Foundation 

Bill and Gina Keough 

John and Kerry Keyser 

Charlotte Koger 

Doug and Melissa LaBelle Family Foundation 

John and Marsha Lanehart 

Kitty and Rich Lange 

Mike and Beckie Lapidus 

Pat and Lisa Leavy in memory of Dan Babcock and Tom King 

Joe and Tammy Legenza 

Arleen and Jon Levine 

Katherine Liggett and John Gaenssle 

David and Karen Ligotti Charitable Fund 

Dennis Lindeman and Chris Etienne

Teri L. List 

Maibach Family Foundation 

Frank and Kathy Maly 

Mammoth Distilling 

Dr. Robert and Joan Mandell 

Tim and Pam Manthei 

John R. McFarland 

Matt and Katie McLeod Family Fund of the Charlevoix County Community Foundation 

Pat and Carolyn McNamara 

Hendrik and Liesel Meijer 

Mitchell Graphics, Inc. 

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Morawa 

Deb and Joe Nachtrab 

Michael and Constance Needles 

Reiner Neumann 

Janice Newsted and Barry Nauroth

Christine Neych 

The Tom and Ellen Noneman Foundation 

Jill O'Neill and JD Talbott

Dave and Carol Passmore 

Dr. Robert and Alice Pattengale 

Donald and Nancy Payzant 

Gregg and Lisa Peabody in memory of Barbara Roguski 

George and Andrea Peck 

Marcy Pelton and Charles Schafer 

Michael and Cindy Pettibone 

Deborah Richardson and the Family of Cynthia Simon Kazanowski 

Paul and Claudia Riemer Giving Fund 

Michael Robertson and Robin DeVito 

Allyn and Josephine Robinson 

Hank and Carol Ross 

William and Janet Sarran 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Schiff 

James and Kathy Schroeder 

David and Beth Scinta 

Alex and Rachel Scott 

Randy Seiss and Lorraine Lund

Bill Shelton 

Carrie and Dick Smith 

Christian M. Smith 

W. Sidney and Judy Smith 

Bob and Sherry Sprotte 

Mr. and Mrs. W. James Sprow, III 

Stephanie Stanton in memory of Nancy Knapp 

Gale and Anne Stephens 

Maggie Stewart 

Clifford and Lucia Storr 

Teri and Raymond Stout 

Hi and Sharon Stover 

Beth Mayer Swailes 

Louise Taylor 

Philip and Rachel Thornton 

Janet and Phil Trotter 

Julian and Sissy Van Winkle, III on behalf of the Julian P. Van Winkle, III Fund at the Community Foundation of Louisville 

Bill and Nancy Vaughn 

Vernales Catering, Inc. 

Matthew and Elizabeth Wawro 

John and Susan Weaver 

Tim and Kristin Weaver 

Mike and Kim Weill 

Aaron and Kimberly Westrick 

Mrs. Mary Whitlock 

James Randazzo 

Todd and Pam Wyett 

John and Sharon Zimmerman 

Annual gifts of up to $499 

Susan Affholter 

Krisha Akerman 

David Alexander 

Martha Alexander 

Serge Allan 

Anonymous (6) 

Anonymous - In memory of Nancy Knapp 

Mark and Denise Antonishen 

Lois Aroian 

David and Laura Atchison 

Jeff and Jill Bacigalupi 

Linda Bade 

Thea and Harold Baird 

Danielle Bartlett 

Biz Bauer 

Christopher and Becca Baughman 

Jeffrey and Laura Bennett 

Marcia Blackburn 

Kali Blanchard 

Matthew and Nancy Blandford 

Nick and Paulajean Bosch 

Jeffery A. and Pamela Brancheau 

Jacob Brewer 

David Brines 

Douglas Brown 

Norma Brown 

Sandra Brown in Memory of Richard Brown 

John Bruce 

Frank and Sally Campi 

Pat and Mike Carland 

Christine and Russell Carpenter 

Shawn Caulder 

Bill and Ann Chatterson 

Polly Cheney 

William and Sandra Cicciarelli 

Cindy Clark 

Thomas Clem 

Harry Colfer 

Robert Conger 

Dr. and Mrs. Eric Conley 

Melanie Cook 

John Coombs 

Manuel Cordova 

Dr. Frederick and Laura Corio

Lisa Cowell 

Thomas and Teresa Crandell 

Hans Creutz 

Al and Jane Damschroder 

BillieJo Days 

Doug and Brenda Dean 

Steven and Janet Dean 

Lois and Gerald Decker 

Marti DeGraaf 

Dentistry by the Bay 

Estate of Richard and Helen DeVos 

Carol and Matt DeWys 

Karen Diederichs 

David and Lea Dietzel 

Susan Dika 

Mark and Tammy Doernenburg 

The David E. and Elizabeth Domann Charitable Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust 

Jean Donaldson 

Michael and Karen Donnelly 

Douglas and Amy Dove 

Deanna Draze 

Cara Drenth 

Erin DuBois 

Bruce and Christine Dunbar 

Bruce and Nancy Dunn 

Jason Dyer 

Elizabeth Blair Fine Pearls

Larry and Cathy Eckhardt 

Julie Elenbaas 

Melissa and Drew Elliot 

Charles Elliott 

Gordy and Lynn Engdahl 

Jim and Phyllis Epps 

Marguerite Fernandez 

Clark and Jean Fetridge in memory of Nancy Knapp 

Jerome and Jill Fine 

Elise Fisher 

Robert and Patricia Fitzgerald 

Allen Fitzpatrick in honor of Matthew Kacergis 

Flowers from Sky's the Limit 

Tom Fochtman 

Jim and Judy Foreman 

Leonard Forreider 

Claire and Brian Forster 

Bill and Mary Foster 

Barry and Jean Frankel 

Dave and Tina Frescoln 

George and Maiga Friess 

Ursula Froehlich 

Sharon Frost 

James Galbraith 

Chance Gawlinski 

Kay and Fred Geuder 

Alan and Leanne Gillespie 

Don and Beverly Goeman 

David Goldthorpe 

Andrea Naylor Golembiewski in memory of Dr. Guy Golembiewski 

Brian and Nicole Graham 

Virginia Grant 

Paul and Lynn Greve 

G's Shipping Store & More.... 

Edwin Gustafson 

Paul and Francine Hack 

Jon and Kris Hall 

Chris and Tom Hammond 

John and Marsha Hammond 

Peter Hampton 

John Harrison 

Michael and Ellen Hatch 

Orlene and Michael Hawks 

Susan Heider 

Bruce and Susan Herard 

Joseph and Sara Beth Hickman 

Alynna Himebauch 

D. Mark and Lisa Hoffman 

Bill and Elaine Horwath 

Eleanor Host 

Reed and Sally Howlett 

Tara Hufford 

Rusty and Jennifer Hughes 

Keith D. Jackson 

David and Sandra Jakubiak 

Laura Jasurda

Judy Jenkins 

Caroline Joaquin 

Johanna Judson 

Madge Johns 

Richard and Lynnet Johnson 

Jennifer Joneson 

JR Construction 

John and Shelly Kacergis 

Justin Kazanowski and Emily Blocke 

Michael Kazanowski 

Robert and Diane Kazanowski 

Peter and Jennifer Kehoe 

Kim Kihnke 

Ellen Kilpatrick 

Terry and Katy Kittleson 

Carolyn Klender 

James and Kathryn Kline 

Susan Klooster 

Barbara and Steven Kohler 

Kelley Korch 

Linda Kortesoja 

Chet and Sandra Kowal 

Angela Krajniak 

Mary Kropp 

Greg and Jennifer Kwapis 

Mark and Kathy Lajambe 

Colleen Lange

Francine Lawrence 

Marcia Lawrence 

Phyllis Ledyard 

Craig Lee 

Maureen Delaney-Lehman and John W. Lehman 

Nick Leighton 

Monica Linehan 

Mike Longfellow-Jones 

Robert and Catherine Looby 

Mark and Gwen Manthei 

Manuel Martinez 

Don and Eileen Martini 

Kristen McClure 

Laurie McGregor 

Nik and Jamie McLane 

McMurray Charitable Giving Fund of the Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund 

Kathleen Meier 

Mary Merrill 

John and Nancy Miett 

Jane Millar 

Louisa Miller 

Marc and Cathy Miller 

Michael and Toni Miller 

Cynthia Morcott 

Dawn Morris 

Susanne Mueller 

Scott and Barbara Muhlhauser 

Garrett Muir

Chris Nathan 

Tyler Neal

Elizabeth Nesmith 

Franz and Joan Neubrecht 


Sarah Oben 

Randy Obermiller 

Shaun Odell 

Scot O'Neill 

Kathy Oswald in honor of Jim and Mary Ann Harrington  

Mary Otis 

Ted and Lori Pall Charitable Fund of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation 

Marina Pasca 

Bill and Judy Patberg 

Kraig Pendleton 

Perry Pentiuk 

Kassia Perpich 

Terry Person 

Petoskey Area Antiques Club in honor of Nancy Porter 

Alina Petroni 

Margie Phillips 

Deedee Pichard 

John Pickering and Susan Luttmann

Jeff and Wendy Piper 

Miriam Pitlová 

Michael Potter 

Robert Pursel 

Susan Pyke 

Genene Radle 

Joel Raven and Linda Rakolta 

Craig Rapin 

Leisa and Nicholas Ratu 

Nicole and Scott LaDeur 

Barbara and Glenn Reed 

Gareth and LaVonne Reed 

Millecent Riccinto 

Brian Richardson 

Courtney Richardson-Vollmer

Patrick Richmond 

Mimi and Steve Ritchie 

Sara and Clarence Rivette 

Sarah Roche 

Jim and Jane Rodgers 

Todd W. Roeser 

John Franklin Roesner 

Kelly Romano 

Jeff and Linbo Roy 

Dan Rusecki 

Natalia Rush 

Jeffrey Russell 

Robin Sandenburgh 

Sharon Schappacher 

Dave Scharrer 

Lisa Scholl 

Marcela Schomp 

Niki Schreiber 

Suzanne Seitz 

Margaret Seroppian 

Eva Sharapova 

Evelyn Sharapova 

Gary and Colleen Shaw 

Daniel Shumway 

Jim and Judi Silverman 

Chelsea Simms 

Larry Simon 

Linda Simon Sytsma 

Ruth Skop 

Don Slabaugh 

Mary Ann Smith 

Dibby and Scott Smith 

Susan Sorlien 

Pat and Leslie Speiser 

Jon and Maggie Steffy 

Merv and Leslie Sternberg 

Paul and Jane Stewart 

Ken Stonehouse 

Jacqueline Stoodt 

James and Elise Straus 

Beth Strawbridge 

Gary and Mary Street 

Thomas Strickland 

Mary Ellen Stroh 

Aireauna Stubbs 

Michael and Kathleen Sunday 

Sunshine Charters 

Robert Swanson 

Michael and Kristen Sytsma in memory of Cynthia Simon Kazanowski 

Sytsma-Reed Family

Blaise Sytsma-Reed

Frederic Sytsma-Reed 

Lena Sytsma-Reed 

The Tabb Family, in honor of Matthew Kacergis' Birthday 

Bob and Gretchen Tambellini 

Jeff and Rebecca Tashjian 

Don and Eileen Taylor 

Tom and Marge Teske 

The Giving Block 

Shawni Thelen

David and Carol Thomas 

Bob Thornbladh and Tina Pagnucco 

Nick Tompkins

M. and J. Trowbridge 

William Twiddy 

Ida VanderPoorte and Brian Murphy 

Paul and Maryagnes Van Klaveren 

Alan and Mary Lynn VeneKlasen 

Vine Ride Wine Tours 

Steven and Jeanine Voller 

RJ Waddell 

Frank and Susan Wagner 

Richard Wagner 

Walloon Lake Country Club 

Pamela and William Walsh 

Wendy Warren

Anita Zaleski Weinraub 

Doug and Stacy Wellings 

The Welsh Family Foundation 

Jeffrey and Candice Wendling 

Patti Wheater 

Gwen White-Erickson 

Whitney Williams 

Anthony Wilson 

Vince Winkler-Prins 

Ken Winter 

Jeff and Veronica Winwood 

Patricia Wise and Glendale Silverwood

Paul Wisniewski 

Lynn Wolf 

Elizabeth Wolfe-Brusher 

Writing Dailey 

Robin Young 

Ellen Zienert 

Carol Zyber 

This list reflects annual financial and in-kind contributions received between January 1, 2023 and April 12, 2024. 

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