Program Advertising

Put your Brand on Center Stage!

Connect with audiences made up of patrons from across the region, state, and beyond who value memorable experiences. Thousands are welcomed through the doors each season. Use this prime advertising opportunity to reach a captive audience and partner with the Center.

Connect with your audience through ours with one of the options below that best meets your marketing goals. 


Highlight your Brand 

Upcoming Holiday Program Book

New advertising placement! The Center is producing a beautiful full-color program book for performances in December. As the magic and joy of Celebrating Holiday Traditions fills the Center, touch the hearts and minds of patrons with a thoughtfully crafted message of your brand.

10% Discount for Non-Profit Organizations

Full page | $1,000

Half-page | $500

Premium placement | $1,500
(Front inside cover, back inside cover, middle fold pages)

Space Deadline - October 16

Art Deadline - November 8

Advertise in the Holiday Program Book

Season Program Ads

Will return for Summer/Fall 2024

View the 2023 Summer/Fall Program Book

Placing an ad in the season-long program book is an excellent way to maximize your exposure. Not only will you reach audiences as they anxiously await performances, but your brand will travel home with them and becomes a coffee table staple.

10% Discount for Non-Profit Organizations

Full page | $1,500

Half-page | $750

Premium placement | $2,000
(Front inside cover, back inside cover, middle fold page)

Digital Insert Ads

Put your brand in the hands of a captive audience with an ad in our new digital inserts.

With a format optimized for the digital experience, your investment is more powerful than ever. Inserts are full-color and interactive, offering opportunities for click-through links directly to your website. 

View Digital Inserts


Special Introductory Rate: $300 per insert

  • 16:9 ratio digital ad with click through
  • Art is due no later than seven days from performance date

Ready to Get Started?

Advertise with the Center

Ad Specifications


  • No Bleed (color may bleed to edges of art)
  • CMYK Color Space
  • PDF File Format
  • 300 DPI

Program Space Reservation Deadline March 31
Program Art Deadline
 April 21

Digital Insert Ad specs:

  • Supported File Types: JPG, PNG and GIF files. This includes animated GIFs.
  • Maximum File Size: 5 MB. We recommend keeping images under 1 MB.
  • Image Resolution: 150 dpi (recommended)
  • Image Width: 600 px (recommended)
  • Image Height: Can vary

In need of design assistance?

The Mitchell Graphics team is happy to help you with ad design if needed for an additional charge. Work with them directly and contact Ron Olson at


For more information about advertising in the Center's Inserts or Season Program Book, please contact Eric Leister at 231.439.2603 or