Annual Fund Supporters

Chairman's Table - Annual Support of $100,000 or more

  • Anonymous
  • Bill and Gigi Clements Foundation
  • Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation

Directors' Society - Annual Support of $10,000 - $49,999

  • Barrat Family Fund of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties
  • Pat and Gill Clements Foundation
  • Carole and Bill Cobb
  • Bill and Marilyn Crawford
  • Peter and Julie Cummings
  • Don and Janet DeFosset
  • Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation
  • DTE Energy
  • Christopher and Margaret Duhon
  • Frey Foundation
  • Kathleen Glass Family
  • Robert and Pat Hemingway Hall
  • Lin and Herb Henkel
  • Richard and Tracy Hirrel
  • Paul and Nancy Knapp
  • Elizabeth Kojaian
  • Teri List
  • Kroeger-Mainland Family Fund
  • Jim and Sue Marriott
  • Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
  • Networks Northwest: Michigan Small Business Restart Fund
  • Barbara and Bill Parfet
  • Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation
  • Robert and Annette Pocica
  • Craig and Irene Rogerson
  • Steve and Dora Schott
  • David and Robin Small
  • Keith and Kristi Stinson
  • Peter and Marijane Thornton, Sr.

Benefactor - Annual Support of $5,000 - $9,999

  • Chris and Cheryl Bachelder
  • Tom and Maureen Bickersteth
  • David and Teresa Crouse
  • Matt and Kathleen Davis
  • Mike and Rhea Dow Fund of the Charlevoix County Community Foundation
  • Robert and Barbara Goebel
  • John Hegener and Jane Warner
  • William L. and Elisabeth F. Hicklen
  • John Holder and Julie Fasone-Holder
  • Verne and Judy Istock
  • Pamela and David V. Johnson
  • Bob and Wally Klein
  • Jennifer and Andrew Merriman
  • Ralph and Patti Miesel
  • Larry D. Miller and Mary L. Miller Foundation
  • JD Talbott and Jill O’Neill
  • Larry and Kathy Oswald
  • Bruce and Linda Riley
  • Beth Mayer Swailes
  • Marana Webber Tost Charitable Fund of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation
  • Todd and Tracy Wenzel
  • Kurt and Phoebe Wietzke

Patron - Annual Support of $2,500 - $4,999

David and Kay Allan

James and Denise Anderton, IV

Arts Midwest Touring Fund

Tom and Polly Bredt

Karen and Peter Cullman

Hilton and Lisa Garner

Mark and Sally Hall


Linda and Bill Henry

Michael Higgins

Jane and Mike Hourani

Sarah and Todd Kallman

Justin Klamerus

Irving and Susan Levy

Fred and Barbara Malpass

Tim and Kathie Manney

The Mansfield Family Foundation

Martin Family Foundation

Ann and Bill McCormick

Karen C. Miller

National Endowment for the Arts

Dr. Kenneth Rudman

Al and Joan Smith

Joe and Arlene Strawn

Patricia Swope

Friend - Annual Support of $500 - $2,499

Jerry and Jean Aben

Joanne N. Arbaugh

Lois Aroian


Jim Berlage

Pier and Renee Borra

Tim and Cindy Brammer

Nancy Breighner

Rob and Alyssa Briggs and Nancy Lenhoff

Gordon Brunner and Mary Ellen Brophy

Ronald Broquet

David and Barbara Buzzelli

Drs. Louis and Sally Cannon

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Charchut

Bill Collins and Deanna Klosinski

Thomas and Teresa Crandell

Jay Crouse

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Daly, III

Jim and Mary Daniels

Sandra Dauch

Mike and Cheryl Eberhart

Denise and Gary Fate

Jane Ferger

Elise F. Hayes

James and Joanne Foley

Victor E. George

Don and Beverly Goeman

Carole and Dwayne Griffin

John and Debra Griswold

Curt and Betsy Harrison

Art and Betsy Hasse

Bruce and Joyce Herbert

Gus and Nancy Hillenbrand

Susan and Edgar Howbert

Jack and Tay Howell

Wayne and Ameila Inman

Bill and Gina Keough

Edward Kukla

Kitty and Rich Lange

John and Mary Leese

Arlene and Jon Levine

David and Karen Ligotti Charitable Fund

Ben and Barb Maibach

Ryan and Sheri Maibach

Robert and Joan Mandell

Barb and Nick Mans

Mark and Gwen Manthei

Webb and Jan Martin

Gordon Masters

Matt and Katie McLeod

Pat and Carolyn McNamara

James and Kristine Mestdagh

Peter and Kathryn Morse

Tom and Ellen Noneman

John and Dina Panos

George and Andrea Peck

Michael Pettibone

Mark and Patricia Prendeville

Borge and Hennie Reimer

Riefler Family Fund of the Indian River Community Foundation

Peter and Debra Roesner

William and Janet Sarran

Robert Schirmer

James and Kathy Schroeder

David and Beth Scinta

Kris and Dana Skogen

Carolyn and Richard Smith

Bob and Sherry Sprotte

Mr. and Mrs. W. James Sprow III

Tom and Ann Stallkamp

Anne and Gale Stephens

Teri and Bud Stout

Byron and Maureen Trerice Family Trust, a donor advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Janet and Phil Trotter

Julian and Sissy Van Winkle, III

Chris and Barbara Walker

Bob and Michele Walker

Donna and James Waterston

Matthew and Elizabeth Wawro

Mrs. Mary Whitlock

Robert and Jill Williams

Jim and Susan Wilson

Member - Annual Support of up to $499

Daniel J. Aitken

Robert and Marilyn Akers

Denise and Mark Antonishen

Christopher Baughman

Nicholas and Paulajean Bosch

Chloe Britton

John and Trudy Broadhurst

Maureen Burke

Michael T. Cameron

Frank and Sally Campi

Mike and Pat Carland

Diane and James Carr, Jr.

Dale and Patty Chiara

James Churilo

Tom Schraw and Pam Cislo

Dave and Linda Coyne

Allen Damschroder

Doug and Brenda Dean

Steven and Janet Dean

George DeVries

M. Jane Diller

Ben Ditta

Mark and Tammy Doernenburg

The David E. and Elizabeth Domann Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Jean Donaldson

Kevin Drummond

Richard and Susan Dudzik

Bruce and Christine Dunbar

Steve Dunigan

Nancy and Bruce Dunn

EJ USA, Inc.

Kerry Elder

John and Peg Emley

Robert and Kate Essenberg

Dr. Randy and Denise Evans

Katie and George Farkas

Renee and Donald Fedrigon, Jr.

Kathleen Fendt

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Fennell

Robert and Patricia Fitzgerald

Jeff and Beth Freeman

Chip and Jean Frentz

George and Maiga Friess

Elizabeth Gardner

Fred Geisler and Lois Polatnick

Jon and Marian Glass

Stuart and Mary Kaye Goldblatt

Bill and Louise Graham

Vicki Gunlock

The Guzzo Family

Constance Hamilton

Sherman Hanna

Steven Hansen

Susan Harvey

Michael Hayden

Bruce and Susan Herard

D. Mark and Lisa Hoffman

Tom and Bette Irwin

Robert J. and ZeZe Jess

Jim and Ruth Ann Johnson

Stanley and Lee Katlein

John and Sharon Kerr

Bill and Ginny King

Terry Kittleson

Michael and Brenda Klein

Denise and James Knicos

Sara Russell and Jack Kukuk

Jennifer Larson

Rita LaVictoire and Steve Wisnewski

Francine Lawrence

Maureen Delaney-Lehman and John W. Lehman

Robert and Catherine Looby

Ron and Susan Ludgin

Carol Matyniak

Dolly and Fred McMaster

Mark and Laurie McMurray

Adrienne Meyer

Dawn Middleton

Nancy and John Miett

Bill and Jane Millar

Elliott and Elyse Milstein

Ben Monshor

Larry and Cindy Morawa

Robert and Elizabeth Mueller

Scott and Barbara Muhlhauser

Jon Mykkanen

Michael and Constance Needles

Marsha Jane Orr

Raymond Osborne

Ted and Lori Pall

Bill and Judy Patberg

Larry and Kathy Patterson

John and Lorayn Perkins

Kassia Perpich

Keith and Gretchen Pretty

Nicholas and Leisa Ratu

Stephen and Miriam Ritchie

Huntley and Rose Robinson

James and Jane Rodgers

Sharon Schappacher

Fred and Priscilla Schwier

Lorraine Lund and Randy Seiss

Richard and Kristin Selvala

Margaret Seroppian

Bill Shelton

Jim and Judi Silverman

Henry and Naomi Singer

Cheryl Staats and Verle Hansen

David and Linda Steenstra

Hi and Sharon Stover

James and Elise Straus

Gary and Mary Street

Jon and Carolyn Study

Cheryl Sullivan

Michael and Kathleen Sunday

Tammy and Mark Switow

Don and Eileen Taylor

David and Carol Thomas

Bob Thornbladh and Tina Pagnucco

Roberta L. VanderBreggen

Ida VanderPoorte and Brian Murphy

Steven and Jeanine Voller

Frank and Susan Wagner

Pamela Walsh

Lori Wathen

Evangeline White

John Wickett

Donald and Catherine Wing

Candi Wynn

Pam and Tom Zumm

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  • Vernales Catering

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