Why Donate Cryptocurrency to the Great Lakes Center for the Arts?

The performing arts are a transformative power, linking communities, spreading joy, and creating connections between neighbors, near and far!

Donating cryptocurrency supports the Center’s many inspiring performances and K-12 educational programs – all of which provide greater access to exceptional performing arts for those who live, work, or play in Northern Michigan.

From a tax standpoint, many find it more cost-effective to donate cryptocurrency itself rather than converting cryptocurrency to dollars and then donating the cash. Donating cryptocurrency typically means a donor avoids the capital gains tax that might otherwise have been incurred on the appreciated amount and can deduct the fair market value of the crypto donation, similar to stock donations. Donating crypto directly can mean a larger donation as well as a higher tax deduction – sometimes a difference of more than 30%! (Be sure to check with your tax advisor for further details.)


Unless otherwise directed, all cryptocurrency donations go towards the Center’s Annual Fund to directly support…

Greater Access

Greater access to hundreds of performances by talented, diverse artists representing the best of Broadway, classical, jazz, country, and much more!

Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities supporting classroom learning in history, literature, STEM, and the arts for students who engage with the Center in person or virtually from 40 different schools at no charge.

Music Outreach

Music outreach in the form of a K-12 string education program enabling more than 250 children to participate in free classroom lessons or accessible paid private lessons -- opportunities to experience the thrill of learning to play the violin, viola, cello, or bass which are not otherwise locally available.

Local Opportunities

“Home stage” opportunities for local performing arts organizations who rely on the Center to provide a professional performance space and an experience for their patrons which is second to none. 

In appreciation of their generosity, donors who provide their contact information are offered the opportunity to enjoy a variety of benefits which may be viewed at the button below.

Annual Fund Donor Benefits

More information

More information on the advantages of donating cryptocurrency can be viewed on our cryptocurrency partner’s site (The Giving Block) at


To learn more about giving to the Great Lakes Center for the Arts, please feel free to reach out to Matt Wawro, Development Director, at 231.439.2606 or email