Summer Programs

Students from a wide range of ages, skill levels, interests, and locations may find an exciting program in which to learn from our expert teachers. Families may choose one program or several, with scholarship assistance available so that all interested students can participate.

Why Study in the Summer?

Use it or Lose It

After a year of studying your instrument in school, don’t lose the progress you have made!  Participate in a summer program so that you maintain your current skills and even build new ones.

Music Party with Friends

Don’t lose track of those friends you’ve made in class – join them for strings in the summer!  Music is a team sport, so participate with students you know and make some new friends as well.

Try Something New

Maybe you are currently taking private lessons but would like to participate in an ensemble. Maybe you want to know more about composers and the elements of music. Summer is a great time to try something different than what you have done before.

Advance to a New Level

With extra time in the summer, students can multiply their progress with practice and quality instruction.  Intermediate students may make the jump to the Dorothy Gerber Youth Orchestra.


The Dorothy Gerber Strings Program summer opportunities are intended to serve a wide range of students, including students not previously in the Gerber Program and summer visitors to the Northern Michigan area. 

Summer School of Music

June 27 - August 13

Private lessons are a great way to maintain or grow your skills during the summer months. All types of students may participate, from beginners to advanced musicians, pre-kindergarten to high school seniors, and year-round Northern Michigan residents to summer visitors. The DGSP offers Suzuki and Traditional methods with our professional artist-teachers.‚Äč

Location: TBD

Private Lessons: $25 per half hour | $25 for Suzuki lessons

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Summertime Suzuki Strings

June 27 - June 30 | 9:30AM-12:00PM

The Dorothy Gerber Strings Program’s Summertime Suzuki Strings camp provides a nurturing musical experience in a family-oriented environment. Students will have individual instruction, eurythmics and ear training classes, and a repertoire-based group class. Parents gain inspiration from observing their children’s private lessons from master teachers and develop community by spending time with fellow parents & attending parent talks.

Location: TBD

Eligible Students: Students who currently study in the Suzuki Method may participate in the Suzuki Camp, which offers private lessons along with a variety of group activities.

Fee: $70

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Midsummer Strings Camp

July 11 - July 15
9:00AM -12:00PM in Charlevoix
2:00PM - 5:00PM in the Harbor Springs/Petoskey area

Join your friends in the DGSP for this musical refresher, playing in an orchestra and having fun with a variety of musical experiences. Two different locations make this camp accessible to more DGSP students.

Location: TBD

Eligible Students: Students studying violin, viola, cello, or bass who have passed the beginner level with at least one year of playing experience.

Fee: $90

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Island Adventure in Music

August 1 - August 5 | 1:15PM - 4:15PM

Intermediate and advanced students have the opportunity to study music on an island for a week, getting instruction from the DGSP faculty and the professional musicians of Baroque on Beaver Island.  Small and large ensembles perform at the end of the week, which also includes private lessons.

Location: Beaver Island Community School

Eligible Students: Students studying violin, viola, cello, or bass who have passed the intermediate level: an audition may be required.

Fee: $100

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Advanced Chamber Music with The Cummings Quartet

August 8 - August 12 | 1:00PM - 5:00PM

Chamber music is an invigorating form of music-making in which students play one to a part and work independently as an ensemble. In order to achieve this level of playing, camp participants should have at least two years of experience on their instrument and gain the permission of Dr. Reimer to participate. The students will have multiple performing experiences as part of this day camp. The Cummings Quartet, the professional performing ensemble of the DGSP, is featured as the faculty for this chamber music experience.

Location: TBD

Eligible Students: Students studying violin, viola, cello, or bass who are at the middle school orchestra level or above; an audition may be required.

Fee: $125

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Instrument Rentals

Families are encouraged to rent an instrument rather than buy, especially if the student is not yet ready for a full-sized instrument. Rental companies have a very reasonable rate and provide many services, including repairs, size increases (for when your student grows!), and accessories. The preferred rental company for the DGSP is SHAR Music.


Scholarship assistance is available for families in need. Contact Dr. Reimer at 616.828.8321 or for more information and to apply for scholarship assistance.