• All genres of performing arts
• Documentaries, film premieres and digitally broadcasted live performances
• World-class festivals and spectacular events celebrating arts and culture from around the world
• Stimulating lectures and symposia, featuring conversations with thought leaders and intellectually renowned global speakers on politics, the economy and the arts, sports and entertainment
• Vibrant social activities
• Meaningful arts education programs and partnerships that benefit the broad regional community

From Groundbreaking July 2, 2016 to Grand Opening on July 7, 2018 and beyond the Great Lakes Center for the Arts will take center stage as a cultural and social hub in Northern Michigan.

When the curtain goes up on July 7, 2018, the Center will offer a year-round line-up of performances across all genres—music, dance, theater, movies and film, intellectual dialogue, education—making it a regional and national destination offering world-class programming.

A future architectural landmark, the Center will include a beautifully crafted, intimate 500-seat theater housing a large stage with state of the art features that meet the demands of internationally acclaimed artists and companies.

Patrons will enjoy special events in the community engagement room and gatherings on the rooftop deck overlooking Lake Michigan with a donor lounge reserved for the Center’s most generous friends.


The Great Lakes Center for the Arts will be a national destination known for unique cultural performances and events, a leading regional arts and arts education provider and an internationally recognized center for important intellectual dialogue.

Designed by renowned theater designers Fisher Dachs Associates and architects TowerPinkster, the Center will be an architectural landmark in greater Northern Michigan.

Founding Artistic Director and lead consultant for all areas including mission, vision, program planning, and leadership, Michael M. Kaiser, President Emeritus of the Kennedy Center in Washington and Chairman of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, is providing the expertise, knowledge and experience to the Great Lakes Center for the Arts ensuring its sustainable success.

When the curtain goes up in 2018, the Center will present a year-round line-up of programming across all genres, visiting artists, intellectual dialogue, movies and film, and educational programming, offering exceptional opportunities to bring world-class performances to the shores of Lake Michigan with virtually limitless possibilities to inspire, entertain, and educate.

Guests will enjoy social spaces in the building, adding to the dynamic energy of the Center’s mission to serve as a community cultural and social hub.

Affordable ticket pricing for performances will allow year-round and seasonal residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy and benefit from the Center’s resources.