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Wings of Courage
Free Virtual Event

Available February 3 - March 5


Next Gen and Mad River Theater Works bring Wings of Courage, a free virtual educational performance, to your classroom! Beginning February 3 through March 5, experience this uplifting tale of vision and hope, virtually. 

Wings of Courage is an original play with music by Mad River Theater Works based on Eugene Bullard’s life, the first African-American combat pilot and adventurer. Bullard’s story would be unbelievable if it were not all true. He was a professional boxer and a World War I flying ace. He was a jazz musician. He was a spy. Who was this remarkable American? Born in Columbus, Georgia, Bullard traveled the world. He joined the French Foreign Legion after being denied a meaningful place in the United States Army. He rose through the ranks and flew against the famous “Red Baron” as a part of the Lafayette Escadrille during World War I. But when the Escadrille was incorporated into the new U.S. Army Air Corps in 1917, the color of Bullard’s skin prevented him from taking his place alongside the other American heroes of his day. But that didn’t stop him. He went on to fame as a bandleader in Paris in the 1920’s. 

Using storytelling, music, and drama, Wings of Courage shows how legendary American Eugene Bullard’s determination and perseverance helped him overcome discrimination throughout his remarkable life. Register now for this free NextGen immersive virtual and educational event!

Approximate Running Time: 50 Minutes
Recommended Ages: Grades 4 – 8


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