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Join Interlochen Arts Camp faculty on Center Stage Tuesday, July 17, 2018 for an unforgettable evening of jazz, America’s own music. These acclaimed performers come from prestigious universities, conservatories and professional performing organizations. With a shared passion of music and education, this performance will be a delightful complement to our mission. Enjoy the evening celebrating this truly American form of musical expression. 

Below is an interview with Rory Baker, Executive Director, Interlochen Presents and Jill O’Neil, Executive Director, Great Lakes Center for the Arts.

On the GLCFA / Interlochen Presents Collaboration:

How did the collaboration between the GLCFA and Interlochen come about, and how is it growing? 

R: The world of presenting arts is small in Northern Michigan. It is important for arts presenters to work closely together, build strong relationships, and keep the big picture in mind, bringing high-quality art to the area and to serve our patrons. It was Interlochen’s approach to view GLCFA as a partner rather than a competitor. It all began with a single phone call to make introductions.
J: From the beginning, the Great Lakes Center for the Arts has been committed to collaboration with other arts organizations. It is critical that we support one another’s missions to amplify the positive impacts on our region. Interlochen is an internationally respected institution with a nearly 90-year history of providing world-class educational and cultural opportunities. As a former camper and counselor, I am thrilled how Interlochen has embraced the Center from its beginning, sharing ideas, participating in our Groundbreaking Celebration in 2016, the Premiere Summer Season Unveiling in 2017, and as featured performers in 2018. We will continue to join forces with Interlochen as the Interlochen Arts Camp 2018 Festival Choir takes center stage at the Center’s Grand Opening Gala next summer.

On the Jazz Faculty Performance:

Describe what the audience can expect at the jazz faculty performance scheduled for July 17, 2018. Is this an event that is also happening at Interlochen sometime next summer?

R: Interlochen is proud to support GLCFA’s inaugural summer season. Our renowned jazz faculty combo will be presenting a program that promises to impress with a mix of jazz standards and dynamic solos. The jazz faculty combo does play throughout the summer at Interlochen, but each program is unique. 
J: There is no question that the audience will thoroughly enjoy the upbeat rhythms and harmonious sounds of the Interlochen jazz faculty when they take the stage in July 2018! We are honored to have these acclaimed musicians to celebrate our inaugural season.

On Being Arts Leaders

Please tell us how long you have been in the field of arts leadership, and what it means for community collaboration.

R: I have been with Interlochen 13 years and serving in my current role as Executive Director, Interlochen Presents for one year. I look forward to continued collaboration with Jill and GLCFA, to creating a strong partnership, and supporting my colleagues at the GLCFA as well as attending many events.
J: Executive Director Rory Baker, Interlochen President Trey Devey and Vice President of Finance and Operations Pat Kessel have been phenomenal supporters of the arts through their work. I am confident that going forward we will continue to join together to bring outstanding, diverse performances to the Great Lakes Center for the Arts. We appreciate the philosophy and spirit of camaraderie and mutuality that they present. It’s a wonderful opportunity for both organizations, and ultimately for the residents and visitors to Northern Michigan who are passionate about the arts!

From Left – Rory Baker, Jill O’Neill; Pat Kessel, Vice President, Finance and Operations; Trey Devey, President Interlochen Center for the Arts at the 2018 Premiere Summer Season Unveiling.



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