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Community Open House News

The Center is so pleased to welcome The Charlevoix Circle of Arts – The Cummings Quartet and the Dorothy Gerber Strings Program as one of the four groups performing at the Community Open House on July 8. Mark your calendars now, we know how busy summer gets and this event should be on your “must attend” list.

The Dorothy Gerber Strings Program, part of the Charlevoix Circle of Arts, serves Northern Michigan students providing exceptional locally based string music education. Also now an integral part of the Charlevoix Circle of Arts, provides free in-school string music education to students of Northern Michigan through a generous grant from The Cummings Foundation. Most recently, they have expanded their reach to include students as young as four years old with the Suzuki method of teaching. Private lessons are now available to allow students the ability to learn in a one-on-one environment. Dr. David Reimer took the helm of the program in August 2017 and has raised the bar of excellence at all levels of the Gerber Strings Program. In November of 2017, Dr. Reimer orchestrated the development of The Cummings Quartet (named in honor of the program’s benefactors, Gay and Peter Cummings) giving their students an even greater glimpse of what is possible through music education.

“Let us imagine for a moment what our lives would be like without the arts… hearing birds without music, seeing sunsets without composition, feeling boulders without form. Nothing would move us, transform us or touch us without the arts. Life would be a progression of beginning to end.” 
-Gail DeMeyere, Executive Director

Quartet members include: Elizabeth Bert (cello), Kim Teachout (viola), and Cheryl Zetterholm (violin), along with Dr. Reimer (violin).

The Charlevoix Circle of Arts is presenting a special concert this Saturday, April 7, at 4:00PM at their location, to welcome and introduce the community to their newly purchased Steinway grand piano. The concert will feature Dorothy Vogal of Traverse City and three of the performers from The Cummings Quartet. The purchase was made possible through the Cummings Foundation to support the Dorothy Gerber Strings Program. “Without the tremendous support of Gay and Peter Cummings, these dreams of inspiring and mentoring children with music education would not be possible,” stated Ms. DeMeyere. Click these links to learn more about The Charlevoix Circle of Arts, The Cummings Quartet or the Dorothy Gerber Strings Program.

Also performing at the Community Open House on July 8 will be the Crooked Tree Arts Center’s Up North Vocal Institute, Petoskey Steel Drum Band and Voices without Borders’ Little Traverse Youth Choir.

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