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CJ’s Tech Corner

This week we sat down with our Technical Director, CJ Winnell, to learn all about the technology behind the lights being used at the Center.

 “Our theatrical lighting package is state-of-the-art LED technology,” explained CJ. “LED technology was chosen to reduce electricity, cost and heat signature in the theater and more importantly, on the stage.”A conventional stage light rises to approximately 400 degrees and pulls 6 amps…each. Multiply these numbers by 100 lights – that’s a lot of heat! The LEDs being installed in the Center reach only about a third of that temperature and pull 1.44 amps. This will make for a much more pleasant experience for our performers and for the audience as well.

This new technology also significantly reduces the need for bulb changes as the lights are slated to last 54,000 hours. Every light can be individually colored, enhancing the theatrical ambiance.  For all the techies out there, these lights will be controlled by the brand new, ETC ION XE. The Center will also have LED moving lights, just like ones you would see at your favorite artist’s concert.

“The Center has acquired a robust stock of lighting instruments and sound pieces to minimize having to rent equipment, given our remote location up north.” This will ensure we have everything we need to meet our artists’ expectations and deliver outstanding, perfectly lit performances.

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